ClickitUp®Standard is ideal for a terrace or sundeck, but also as an alternative to an indoor patio as it protects against the weather. Supplement ClickitUp® with an awning and create a spatial feeling with the possibility of opening up or closing in your outdoor living space. ClickitUp® Standard can be ordered for areas where there is no fall hazard.

ClickitUp®Standard is available as a straight section, a sharp outward corner and as a door. You can also order ClickitUp®Standard as a fixed height glass balustrade without the movable part. The max width of a straight section is 180 cm. Available in both customised and standard size glass. The lower fixed glass is 8 mm hardened and the upper movable part is 6 mm hardened glass.

Below you can find a brochure about ClickitUp® – the adjustable height glass balustrade

Installing the adjustable height glass balustrade

ClickitUp® comes in prefabricated sections. The sections are fitted together using a double top cap and a double baseplate bracket. Here is a video showing how to install ClickitUp®. Double click on the video to get a bird’s eye view