Adjustable height glass balustrade

Extend the outdoor season using ClickitUp® as a wind screen

”ClickitUp® is more than just a glass balustrade.
In elevated position, ClickitUp® becomes a perfect wind screen.”

ClickitUp® is an adjustable height glass balustrade that acts as a weather screen in elevated position. When the wind starts blowing, release the upper part of the balustrade with a gentle grip. For private homes, the adjustable height feature will extend the living space and spruce up the decking. ClickitUp® will turn a chilly and windy restaurant terrace into a cosy oasis, giving extended use in the evenings and a longer outdoor season.

In unraised position the balustrade is 110 cm high. The adjustable glass is 80 cm, giving the balustrade a total height of 190 cm in elevated position. ClickitUp® is made from glass and aluminium profiles and is equipped with a semiautomatic gas spring that balances the movable part. The glass is attached to the profile using the Structural Glazing bonding technique, where the glass is glued outside the aluminium profiles, commonly known as stepped or offset glass. ClickitUp® is manufactured in Halmstad, Sweden. (find out more here).

ClickitUp® is available for ground level (ClickitUp®Standard), for balconies and terraces (ClickitUp®Balcony) and for installing inside an existing balustrade (ClickitUp®Inside). ClickitUp®Standard and ClickitUp®Balcony are also available in a fixed height.

– the adjustable height glass balustrade


ClickitUp® Standard is ideal for a terrace or sundeck, but also as an alternative to an indoor patio as it protects against the weather. Supplement ClickitUp® with an awning and create a spatial feeling with the possibility of opening up or closing in your outdoor living space. ClickitUp® Standard can be ordered for areas where there is no fall hazard.


The unique design and function of the balcony version of our adjustable height glass balustrade, ClickitUp®Balcony, will lift your balcony to new heights. ClickitUp® Balcony’s straight sections can be customised to a maximum width of 150 cm per section (for hard winds max 120 cm). ClickitUp® Balcony has 6 mm hardened upper glass the same as ClickitUp® Standard. The lower fixed glass is made from 9.52 mm hardened laminated glass.


Höj och sänkbart glasräcke

Adjustable height glass balustrade for installing inside of an existing balustrade. ClickitUp®Inside is a solution that adds a wind screen to an existing balustrade. Available in two versions: One with lower glass of 110 cm, the same as ClickitUp®Standard, and one with lower glass of 40 cm.

ClickitUp® is a completely new design on the market and is the registered trademark of ErgoSafe AB. Design right 002416248. 001-005. 3/3 2014